Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney (Beth) Answers if Carol Got Caught on Purpose


At the very end of the Walking Dead “Slabtown” we ding out that Carol was taken into the hospital and is on a stretcher. We had wondered if Carol was taken on purpose.

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Emily Kinney, the Walking Dead’s Beth, was asked a similar question on the Hollywood Reporter and here is what she responded”

"If you look at how Noah and Beth were taken, I feel like it was probably the same. Carol is fighting to get away from walkers and they captured her. But what they’re doing is taking people who they think are strong to survive to this point and be in their hospital society but weak enough where they need that help and stay there to be taken care of. They’re capturing people like Noah and Beth that appear to be people they can control. I think they probably saw Carol either get attacked by a walker and saved her and took her to the hospital. I don’t think Carol was, “Hey, take me!” I don’t think Carol and Daryl know where Beth is at all. I think they captured Carol the same way they captured Beth and Noah."

So she thinks that Carol was taken because she was getting attacked by a walker and she looked helpless? That definitely can’t be the case with Carol. Carol can handle walkers without too many issues and if she was getting attacked, then why was she out cold on the stretcher when they picked her up?

The story has to go different. Carol is not going to struggle against the walkers and then pass out from the fighting. She had been surviving on her own for the longest time already. She can handle her own.

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