The Walking Dead: Does Eugene Know What He Is Talking About?

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To get the answer to the question that we put out there for you all, we look toward the book and let you know what is going on. There is no doubt that Eugene is a smart guy and is smarter than everyone else, but in the comic, he is using everyone around him to keep him alive. He has made himself an important person with this “knowledge” and has been using all the people that are stronger than him to help him survive.

Will this come into play in the TV Series though? It looks like it is coming into play a little bit as we watch Eugene. When Abraham was on his mission to get to DC, he commanded Eugene to get in the bus. Eugene seemed a little hesitant to jump in with Abraham at that moment. He likely felt safer with Rick and his group of people. He had just watched the capabilities of Rick and what he does to keep his people safe and Eugene looks like he wanted to stick with them.

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