Discussion: What Is Going On With Beth And Maggie?


There have been several great families on The Walking Dead.  The Grimes family is the focus, but we’ve seen many other groups of family members grouped together including the Jones family,  the Peletier family, and the Morales family.  However, no family other than Rick’s has gotten as much attention as The Greenes.

With the father Hershel and his wife holding down a farmhouse, we were treated to seeing a large, established family.  After all this time, there are only two known survivors from that farmhouse, Maggie and Beth Greene.

These two half sisters seemed like they were pretty close after the fall of the farmhouse and murder of their father at the prison.  However, after the groups were split up, the two girls have barely mentioned each other to the other characters or even seemed concerned about their whereabouts.

Maggie and Beth seem so indifferent toward each other.  Maggie even offered to leave for Washington D.C. before finding out what happened to Beth.  What is going on with these half-sisters?  That question was posed by Jessica C. on Twitter.

The folks over at TheStream.TV answered his question for us.  On The Walking Dead After Show hosted by Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer discussed the reasons why these two girls may have gone their separate ways after the fall of the prison the hit AMC show.

Here is the clip with the gang talking about what could be pulling these two sisters apart:

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