Discussion: Who Is The Least Likable On The Walking Dead?


Over the course of five seasons of The Walking Dead, we’ve been introduced to many characters that have either survived or passed on at the hands of humans or walkers.  Some of those characters have gone on to steal the hearts of millions of fans, like the crossbow wielding Daryl Dixon and tough guy Rick Grimes.

Others have become characters that fans have loved to hate.  For example, Andrea and Lori are two characters that fans would rather forget than remember.

Who is the least likable character on The Walking Dead?  That question was posed by Clint F. on Twitter.

The folks over at TheStream.TV answered his question for us.  On The Walking Dead After Show hosted by Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer discussed the characters that grind their gears the most on the hit AMC show.

Here is the clip with the gang discussing their least favorite characters on the show:

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Fans of The Walking Dead shouldn’t miss out on their discussions, since they talk about a lot of things that other shows might not touch on during their programs.  Archived episodes are also available on their YouTube page.

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