The Walking Dead Is Unpredictable Until The Midseason Finale


So far in season 5, The Walking Dead has followed pretty closely the guide that was set for them in the comic books. After a quick escape from Terminus, the angle with The Hunters was a near exact adaptation for the pages from the pages of the graphic novel.  While many fans were able to anticipate what would happen in that storyline as well as the one with Abraham in “Self Help”, that trend ends now.

In the comics, there is no detour to Grady Memorial Hospital.  Instead, at this point, the characters begin to move toward the Alexandria Safe-Zone after meeting up with Aaron.  But that can’t really happen now.  The unresolved business at the Slabtown hospital on AMC’s The Walking Dead puts the show into a situation where fans can only really speculate on what will happen next.

This is a great development in the series.  Switching between uncharted territory and scenes that are already fan favorites is a great approach to keeping the fan base both interested and captivated.  Now that the Slabtown hospital holds both Beth and Carol, fans of both characters are beginning to get very nervous.


The reason anything can happen in the next 3 episodes is because the characters that are currently being held in Grady Memorial Hospital don’t currently exist in the comic book world.  Carol allowed herself to get bitten at the prison in the graphic novels as a way of exiting the world after losing everything close to her.  And Beth Greene doesn’t even exist in the comic book world!

They could effectively kill off both, one, or neither of these characters in the midseason finale.  The same fate could be met by several of the folks that will most likely take part in attempting to help them out of the situation.

At this point, your guess is just as good as mine as to what is going to happen.

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