Walking Dead ‘Consumed’ Major Spoilers


Spoilers for the next episode of the Walking Dead have been released by The Spoiling Dead. If you don’t want to get spoiled on the next episode of the show, then I would suggest that you head on out to another post on the site.

Here are some of the spoilers for the next episode “Consumed” via the Spoiling Dead:

"-Who is the body wrapped in the sheet that Daryl is holding and why burn it?a) A walker b) for carol"

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There was a scene that was shown as  sneak peek into the episode that has Daryl carrying a white sheet with someone in it into a fire. It sounds like it will be a walker and from the size of it, it will be a kid walker. I am sure that Carol is still getting over the whole Lizzie situation and she needed to do something for closure. This could be something to help her get over Look at the Flowers.

"-Does Carol purposely get hit or is she blind sided and taken?a) no b) taken"

If you have not seen some of the other spoilers that are flying around, then you missed out that Carol will be getting hit by a car in this episode. That is the reason why she will be headed to he hospital.

"-Do both Carol and Daryl encounter Noah?Yes"

This will be an important discovery for the show and it will obviously mean that Noah will be returning with Daryl to the church to grab everyone else. That is who is in the woods with Daryl.

"-Does Noah tell Daryl about the hospital group and Beth?Yes"

With all the information that Daryl gets from Noah, he has to be prepared to take on this hospital and has to go back to get everyone on board with this mission.

"-Are there any survivors left at the camp set up in the walk way and parking garage?Did not appear to be"

Not really sure what this one is talking about.

"-Do we go back to the end of ep 3 and see Daryl telling Noah to “come out”?No"

Looks like we still won’t be seeing the interaction with Daryl and Michonne in the woods. All signs point to Noah being in the woods with Daryl.

"-Does the flashback show how/what Carol did to survive when Rick banished her? If yes, what makes her decide to go back to the group?a) very little b) smoke"

I was hoping to get more of a story on what happened to Carol while she was out, but I guess we will have to settle for not seeing it.

"-Do Daryl and Carol encounter any cops from the hospital other than Carol getting hit? If yes, does Daryl capture any of them?a) yes b) no"

Daryl is going to run into some of these cops out here and still get away.

"-Are Daryl and Carol both in the van when it drops?Yes"

"-Is there any romantic/sexual/intimate interaction between Daryl and Carol?None that I noticed."

All the Caryl fans want to know!!!!

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