The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will Maggie Ever See Beth Alive Again?


The Walking Dead is looking like it’s only going to get more tragic as this fifth season continues, which calls into question if we will ever see a Greene family reunion or not. 

AMC is barreling towards a midseason finale for The Walking Dead, and it’s looking like things will be intense and tragic. Rumors at the moment peg a major character death in the midseason finale episode, which calls into question a family reunion we may want to see but may never see come to fruition.

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The rumors at the moment have Beth dying in the midseason finale, which means Maggie may never see her sister alive — or at all — ever again. A poll over at The Spoiling Dead Fans has over 56 percent of fans either positive or not sure that Maggie will see her sister alive with almost 43 percent of fans preparing themselves for some heavy hearted scenes later this month.

There are a few ways Maggie could see Beth alive again, with the most likely case being the group heading to DC ends up at or near the hospital in Atlanta at the time of the midseason finale. This is possible too, as the mission hit a pretty violent road block on Sunday night with Eugene exposing himself as a fraud.

But it’s more in the nature of The Walking Dead to have Maggie arrive just too late to see Beth alive one more time, but this is all assuming that she indeed dies in the midseason finale. Her clock right stop ticking at some point this season but there’s no guarantee that Beth will meet her end and that Maggie is doomed to never see her sister alive again.

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