Walking Dead: Will Daryl Find Merle’s Hand in Consumed?


The internet nearly exploded when The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus posted a photo to his Twitter account of a hand laying in a grassy area.

The first thought of the internet community was that his character of Daryl Dixon would lose his hand in the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, but that seems highly unlikely.  That thought was because of a previously posted picture that had special effects genius Greg Nicotero working on his hand, covering it in what appears to be grass and blood.

However, when looking at that picture compared to the picture of the hand in the grass, it can be determined that it is indeed not that hand that is being tended to.

Here is the tweet from Norman Reedus, including the picture, to compare:

When you look at the pictures closely, you can see that Norman is having his right hand worked on in the photo and the hand that is laying on the grass is someone’s left hand.  After that was figured out by the internet community, speculation began that it was the hand of his brother Merle.

There is some logic to this.  In Consumed, Daryl is returning to an area quite close to where his brother sawed his own hand off in order to escape from being handcuffed to a pipe.  Merle could have thrown his hand at a walker or just thrown it over the edge after cutting it off, having it land in a grassy area.

Sadly, there are problems with that theory, too.

Firstly, the hand in the grass appears to have a wedding ring on.  Secondly, the hand that Merle cut off was his right hand.

So that means that it isn’t the hand of Daryl Dixon’s brother.  But the fact that the hand and is wearing a wedding ring has also set off alarms in the heads of loyal comic book readers, but that’s a conversation for another time.

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