The Walking Dead Spoilers: Will We Find Out How Carol Survived?


The Walking Dead is set to premiere another hard hitting episode tonight, but will we find out more about Carol’s past before he’s taken away to the hospital?

Last season we saw Carol get banished by Rick after she admitted what she did in burning bodies at the prison, but we didn’t hear much from her after that. So far this season we’ve seen little from her as well but tonight’s episode will focus heavily on her journey with Daryl and how she comes to end up at the hospital that Beth is staying at in Atlanta.

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A theme this season has been flashbacks, as we saw that with Abraham last week as well as briefly at other times in other episodes. Tonight will likely feature some expositional flashbacks to help us understand how Carol survived after Rick’s banishment in Season four, but just how much will we see?

According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, who are pretty reliable with rumors and scoops, it appears that we indeed get a glimpse of how Carol survived after

"Q: Does the flashback show how/what Carol did to survive when Rick banished her? If yes, what makes her decide to go back to the group?A: a) very little b) smoke"

Carol is one the everyone’s favorite characters on the show, as she’s tough as nails without being totalitarian like other characters have and will become. She’s a survivalist, and someone who knows how to hold her own in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. We want to see how she survived, but perhaps this is a situation where filling in the blanks is better than actually being told.

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