Will Carol and Daryl Come Closer Together By Discussing Their Past?


The Walking Dead is going to get emotional tonight, as two of the hardest characters on the show are set to share a lot of screen time and a potential heart-to-heart. 

On The Walking Dead, there doesn’t seem to be two characters harder than Carol and Daryl. They’re mirror images of one another as both have hearts but neither have the guts to show it as they each been hurt far too often in the past.

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That’s why their shared episode tonight is going to be something of a wonder for fans of the show. It’s not often that the two show much emotion but then again they’re usually not around people who understand them. That will all change tonight and it could mean that we see the two open up to one another in ways we haven’t seen before.

According to Spoiler TV:

"One of the great talk between Carol and Daryl will be about who they were, the kind of people they used to be and what they have become since the Zombie Apocalypse, who they are now. It’s definitely one of my favorite scene ever on The Walking Dead. The writing is excellent, and Melissa McBrideand Norman Reedus are stunning."

It’s uncertain just what is said or how things go, but Carol and Daryl no doubt grow closer together in tonight’s episode. That’s all great for their relationship, but what are the long term effects of the two hardest characters on the show opening up in ways that may make them vulnerable?

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