Will Carol Tell Daryl What Happened to Lizzie and Mika?


Last season of The Walking Dead saw one of the more powerful episodes we’ve ever seen when Carol had to make the decision to kill a child in Lizzie after what she did to Mika. 

Carol has been through some stuff — and that’s an understatement. From when we first met her right up to the episode she’s set to star in tonight, it’s been an intense and often heartbreaking road for Carol.

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Last season saw Carol make her most heartbreaking and devastating decision to date as she literally murdered a child. Given what little Lizzie had done though, it’s hard to say that Carol’s actions weren’t warranted — or that Lizzie was even a child at that point. For those who may need a refresher, kid sisters Lizzie and Mika went with Tyreese and Carol on their journey to Terminus but it turned out that Lizzie bas batsh-t crazy and she ended up butchering her sister who she thought would turn into a walker.

This couldn’t have been further from the truth, but Lizzie butchering her sister led to Carol telling the young girl to ‘look at the flowers’ before killing her.

This is something that Daryl might become privy to at some point in time over the course of this episode, but the question is when?

Carol is a straight shooter, and Daryl is probably the only person on the show outside of Tyreese that will see how the killing was needed. That being said, Carol has a lot on her mind, and unloading that onto Daryl — or the events just coming up over the course of the show — seems like something entirely possible.

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