Why Did Carol Have A Copy Of Tom Sawyer In Consumed?


“Consumed” was a really solid episode of The Walking Dead.  There was a of information about what happened during Carol’s absence from the group and how she survived before meeting up with Tyreese and the girls in the woods.  While the episode was full of meaningful flashbacks, there was one nod to the past that could have been easily overlooked in this episode.

There was a scene where Carol was seen putting a copy of the book Tom Sawyer into her bag near the beginning of the episode. Why keep a book?

In case you forgot, back in season 4 of The Walking Dead, Carol wasn’t nearly as big of a badass as she is now.  Her role in the prison community was essentially to babysit the kids.  In one episode, Carol could be seen reading a copy of Tom Sawyer to the children of the prison, including Lizzie and Mika, at one of her designated story times.

Lizzie was then seen talking to Hershel about Tom Sawyer.  She was saying that she was enjoying it, but Carol would never get to finish it, but Hershel insisted that Carol would give it her best try.

It’s nice to see something to remind us of the past characters.  Lizzie and Hershel were two of the most interesting characters that The Walking Dead lost in season 4.  While Carol probably doesn’t even know about the conversation that Hershel and Lizzie had, she most likely has an emotional connection to the book because of that.

It’s an interesting tie back into Carol’s horrendous past with children on the show.  She lost her own daughter Sophia to walkers, spent all that time with the kids at the prison that is now gone, had to kill Lizzie and then bury both Lizzie and Mika.  It’s no wonder she felt so emotional when she saw the child walker pressed against the glass in this episode.

Tom Sawyer is a reminder of Carol’s past, which seems to eat away at her inside.  But it’s still a major part of her character on the show.

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