The Walking Dead: Carol and Daryl Encounter A Little Kid Walker (GIF)


The Walking Dead have to hard characters in Carol and Daryl, but even they can’t help but be moved by the depressing nature of the world they live in. 

One of the things that makes The Walking Dead the show that it is, would be how it’s rally all a human story that so happens to involve the zombie apocalypse. Two of the hardest characters on the show are Carol and Daryl, but even they aren’t immune to the world that they live in and often times find themselves in situations where being the hardest characters on the show takes its toll.

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Thus was the case in tonight’s episode, as both Carol and Daryl had their humanity tested when they encountered a heartbreaking pair of walkers that need up being what looked like a mother and daughter duo.

Carol wanted to be done with them right then and there, but Daryl showed more compassion than she did and told her to get out of there. Later, Carol learned that Daryl had indeed killed the walkers and were burning their bodies in a symbolic gesture.

We saw last season that Carol isn’t any stranger to killing kids, but the fact that her humanity is booming so eroded is a problem that is only growing — and it’s a problem that can end up being catastrophic.

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