Discussion: Should Daryl Dixon End Up With Carol Or Beth?


Daryl Dixon is one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead.  His legion of fans are devoted to ever little thing about his character, including potential relationships with other characters on the show.

However, there is a lot of debate over which survivors Daryl Dixon should be in a romantic relationship with.  The top two candidates in that race are the older, more experienced Carol and the young, blonde Beth.  In fact, these two choices have separated Daryl fans into two groups at times, the Caryllers and the Bethyls.

Alonzo P. asked us a question about this on Twitter.  He inquired the following question:

“Would you rather see Daryl Dixon have a romantic relationship with Beth or Carol?”

The folks over at TheStream.TV answered his question for us.  On The Walking Dead After Show hosted by Malynda Hale, Glenna Gasparian, Kegan Schell, and David Fichtenmayer discussed this very question and gave their opinions.

Here is the clip with the gang discussing who they think are the best fit for Daryl Dixon:

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