The Walking Dead: 5 Teasers For ‘Crossed’


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that always seems to have folks looking for any piece of information they can about the upcoming shows.  Luckily for us, our friends over at always seem to have something interesting to keep us occupied.

Today, they posted five teasers to whet our whistles for Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, titled Crossed.  Here are the five hints that they gave us:

  1. Maggie is a hard ass!
  2. We get a little back story on how Rosita met Abraham.
  3. Several characters get to go fishing.
  4. An ambush does not go quite to plan.
  5. We get to see Daryl use a walker in a pretty imaginative and gruesome way.

Let’s take a quick look at them and see what we can come up with:

  1. Normally Spoiler.TV like to mess with the meaning of words, but I’m assuming this has nothing to do with her posterior.  Instead, we’ll see her do something that we never thought she’s be able to.
  2. I’m happy for this one. Rosita is the one character that we really know nothing about on the AMC show so far.  Her backstory is interesting, but I’m worried after how The Walking Dead botched Abraham’s past.
  3. What are the odds that they’re actually fishing for fish?  It would make sense to do that since food is always hard to find and there seems to be a river near where they are.  Still, they could mean fishing for keys or something like that.
  4. Perhaps this is where the “Crossed” comes in.  So far, pretty much everything the group plans out as far as attacks has worked out pretty well, so it’s about time one of their plans didn’t work.  Hopefully, there aren’t too many casualties from the fight.
  5. This one has me interested.  I’m curious how many different ways walkers can be used and I’m always excited to see the creative things that AMC’s The Walking Dead can come up with.  Should be fun to see.

Are any of these particularly interesting to you?  Do you think you have a good idea what some of these teasers are referring to?  Comment below and join in the discussion!

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