Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ Predictions


What is going to happen on the next episode of The Walking Dead? Will anyone die? That likely won’t happen in this episode. This episode will be the set up for the killing spree that we have been looking forward to.

Robert Kirkman said that the mid-season finale will be deadly, so we better be prepared to see the madness flow through. Who is going to be put in danger in that final episode.

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We already know that Beth and Carol are in danger at the hospital. Beth attempted to dip out of the hospital, but was caught at the gates. It allowed Noah to get free, but what is that going to mean for Beth. Last time we saw Beth, she was holding onto a needle and it looked like she was ready to take out the doc and anyone else that got in her way. She had a whole new attitude in life and had the confidence to get out of the mess that she was in, but then Carol was brought in on a stretcher knocked out.

The previews on the episode show that Beth is going to put Carol in even more danger. The hospital is going to get her off of any meds that they had going to Carol because of what Beth says. Check out this preview again:

There is going to be a confrontation that happens. Officer Dawn and the people out there are not even prepared for this hit that is about to come.

I think that Rick and company are going to fight their way into the hospital and take out anyone that gets in their way. Rick has gone a little crazy with his last killing and I don’t think he gives 2 craps about anyone that stands in the way of his group. Carol saved them, so Rick owes it to her to save her.

I expect them to come out with no mercy. Don’t mess with Rick right now. He has “crossed” the line of sanity and “crossed” any ethical reasoning. He doesn’t care about what other people have to say or the hope that they can bring, he just wants to protect his group and his people.

What do you think will happen in the next couple of episodes?

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