The Walking Dead: What Does ‘Crossed’ Mean?


Like past episodes, The Walking Dead always seems to cleverly name their shows based on the content in them.  Last week’s episode “Consumed” had a theme of fire and ashes.  The week before that, “Self Help” showed us that getting intimate in the Self Help section of a library or bookstore is never a good idea because you never know who is watching.

So, this week’s episode is titled “Crossed”.  The episode description says “Some members hold down the church while the others are on a rescue mission.”  There are lots of ways to interpret “Crossed” in a way that can relate to that situation.  Let’s take a look at a few.

1. To cross somebody is to mislead or lie to someone.  Is it possible that someone like Noah would cross the group in order to gain favor with the people in the hospital?  That could be something that happens, although I think the character of Noah is too good of a person to do that.

2. To move from one side to another.  It’s possible that someone like Noah may cross over to the hospital’s side as part of a barter or trade for the rights to get Beth and/or Carol back.  While this could be an interesting move on the show, I think that something like this is way too soon for the story.

3. To cancel out or mark with an x.  The X symbol is universally used to signify a serious injury or even death.  In fact, many comics and cartoons still use an ‘x’ over someone’s eyes to signify that they have passed on.

4. A distinguishable building marked with a cross.  You know, like a church.  Father Gabriel’s church appears to be the meeting place for the discussion about how to divide up the survivors for the attack on the hospital and who to leave behind to protect things at the church.  Or, it could mean a gravesite that is designated with a cross.

Is there another meaning of “Crossed” that you think is more relevant to the current story?  Will any of the above definitions come into play on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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