The Walking Dead: Crossed – Episode Spoilers


As usual, our friends over at have gotten their hands on an adavnced screening of Sunday’s newest episode of The Walking Dead: Crossed.  They have been a very reliable source for spoilers on the hit AMC show and have once again shared some of the details of the upcoming episode.

Here are the spoilers for The Walking Dead: Crossed.



  • Rick’s group comes up with two elaborate plans to attempt to rescue Carol and Beth. One of those plans isn’t considered for long.
  • The rescue plan hits some major snags along the way.
  • We will be treated to a brief history on how Rosita ended up joining Abraham and Eugene.
  • A survivor will see a walker wearing a “special item” that will distract them from killing it.
  • Rick will be reminded that he used to be a police officer.
  • Tyreese will try hard to help Sasha deal with the loss of Bob.  We’ll get to see more of their brother/sister relationship in Crossed.
  • Daryl Dixon will be on display.  He will have an awesome kill on a walker using an unlikely weapon.  But then he’ll really surprise folks with his demeanor, staying calm and thoughtful instead of acting out of anger.
  • Sasha will have a really impressive shot that makes you sit back and say “dang!”
  • Dawn will turn off the machines on Carol, forcing her to fight for her own survival.  Beth will take on a mission to ensure Carol survives.
  • There will be a nice conversation between Rick and Michonne.
  • Crossed will provide The Walking Dead with some of the most disgusting walkers yet.
  • The church will be reinforced to keep safe and Father Gabriel will struggle with all the death that he’s recently seen.
  • Two survivors make big mistakes in Crossed.  One acts out of fear, and the other out of sympathy.
  • Fishing makes an appearance on The Walking Dead.  Food is hard to come across in the walker apocalypse.
  • Tara finds something and falls in love with it.
  • One of the unconscious survivors comes to in The Walking Dead: Crossed.  Is it Carol or is it Eugene?
  • A code name is created for one of a group.  “GREATM”  (Glenn Rosita Eugene Abraham Tara Maggie?)
  • Maggie finally grows a pair and speaks up after relative silence so far this season.

There are the spoilers for The Walking Dead: Consumed from  What do you think of the spoilers?  Are you excited for Crossed?  Discuss them in the comments below.

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