The Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ Spoilers: Will Maggie Turn Into a Bad Ass?


The Walking Dead is just a week away from the midseason finale episode, and tonight is going to show us sides of characters we may not be used to. 

So far this season on The Walking Dead, we’ve see characters go in bold new directions in their evolution. Characters like Beth, Carol and Daryl have all gone from being characters we thought we knew to characters become more dimensional than they were before.

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One character we’re all waiting to see evolve in this nature is Maggie, and our wait may be over.

According to Roman Ossust, who has seen the episode already, we apparently get to see a new side of Maggie that will show off how much of a hard ass she can be — which his a great change of pace.

"Maggie will also surprise you in “Crossed”. I’ve been complaining about her character this season, but this week, damn, she is a hard ass ! I’m sure we will all be pleased by what she will do and what she will say in her scenes."

There has been a lot said about the trajectory of Maggie’s character arc, and tonight’s episode is apparently going to be critical to altering that arc in a good way. Maggie has been a character criticized in the past for not really doing much expect react to things in the most simple way possible, but it now seems like she is going to take action, as nothing will get a Greene up in arms like a sister in peril.

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