Walking Dead Spoilers: Who heads back to the hospital?


In the Walking Dead ‘Crossed’, who will head back to the hospital with Daryl and Noah to take on Officer Dawn and the rest of her officers? Spoiler TV had the answers for us on this one. They say that Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Tyreese and Noah will be heading back to Atlanta to save Beth and Carol.

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I understand why Tyreese would want to head out in that direction. He was with Carol out in the middle of the woods for some time and would want to get her back. He had been the designated babysitter for a minute, but it looks like Carl will get that role this time around. Finally Tyreese will get to do something that doesn’t include watching Judith. Tyreese will have to be OK with killing people again. He did take care of Bob, but was that enough? Can he get that mean streak or is he just a big teddy bear?

Sasha already has some hate in her hearth  with the death of Bob. She is ready to do whatever. She was part of the brutal killing of Gareth and the Hunters and is now part of this new mission to take down the hospital. She has shown to be a good shot. She shot of Gareth’s finger and her sharpshooting will come in handy in this mission.

Noah is heading back to get Beth. He tried to escape with her the first time around, but she got stuck back in the hospital. He needs to get her out of there.

Daryl wants to get both Carol and Beth. He wants to save the world and these are a couple of his best friends that he is looking to get back.

It seems that the group that was heading out to DC has not met back up with the church group at this time. I would be sure that Maggie and Glenn would head out to Atlanta if they knew that Beth was there. They still are out on the road though and they are figuring out a plan for what they will be doing now.

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