Walking Dead: Should they have gone with Rick’s original plan?


Walking Dead: Crossed

Rick was laying out the game plan on how the group was going to take over the hospital, but Daryl and Tyreese had convinced Rick to move in a different direction.Rick’s plan was to invade the hospital and take out all of the people that were there. It was going to get bloody. They were going to go in and surprise attack all the cops and Officer Dawn’s group.

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That is not the plan that they went with. Instead they are looking to kidnap some cops and hope that they can trade people for people. This is Tyreese’s idea and they went with it after Daryl backed him up on the thought.

This idea looks like it is going to fail after Sasha jacked things up. All Sasha had to do was keep her eyes on Officer Bob Lampson, then things would have gone according to plan. In her state of mind, she probably was the wrong person to trust at this time. She fell for a sob story from Lampson and then was caught off guard. Lampson is now off running around and will likely find his way to Officer Dawn.

Of all the officers that Rick and the crew had, Lampson likely was the most important. When the hospital heard gun shots, Dawn made sure that Lampson was part of the officers heading out to get Noah.

Now the standoff is going to get interesting. Offering a trade of people is not going to work out like they would have. We could have already guessed that it wasn’t going to work, but this is on Sasha.

There were holes in both plans, but Rick did say that this plan for Tyresse MIGHT work and he was convinced that his plan WILL work. Should they have gone with the original plan?

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