The Walking Dead ‘Crossed’ Review: Who Died, What Happened?


The Walking Dead is now down to its midseason finale episode before things take a break for the winter, and the penultimate episode was quite a doozy. 

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead wasn’t as powerful overall as some of the other episodes this season have been, but we saw plenty of action that sets up what should be an intense midseason finale.

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A lot has been made about this massive assault on the hospital to free Beth and Carol, but tonight we got to see a more dimensional look at characters like Abraham, Maggie, Sasha and Father Gabriel. Perhaps the biggest change occurred to Father Gabriel, who went from a guy we didn’t really know much about to a guy who is starting to lose his mind.

As we saw right away on Sunday night, Father Gabriel isn’t someone who is in the right state of mind as the blood spilled by Rick — Gareth’s blood — is stained on his very existence.

Carl tried to help him out and give him some pointers on how to stay alive if he ever wanders out on his own. This was met with resistance by Gabriel but he ended up having to kill anyways.

There’s something dark about Gabriel, and it’s something that may come back to erode him in the worst of ways. Thankfully though, no one died on tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, but the final scene of the episode no doubt set up things for next week that will make sure things get bloody before the show takes a winter break.

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