Walking Dead: What is Father Gabriel Doing?


Walking Dead ‘Crossed’

Why in the world is Father Gabriel out running around in the woods with all the walkers looming around the corner? He barely can stand up for himself against them and he decided to run out and into the danger zone. What is he thinking?

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He just can’t deal with Rick and the group. He must think they are ruthless, crazy people and is looking to get far, far away. Dealing with walkers seems less dangerous to him in comparison to dealing with Rick and company.

A walker almost took him out within a few steps away from the church, but he was able to fight loose. He wasn’t able to finish the job on the walker, but he was able to continue on his route. Who knows how much further he will be able to get and who knows what direction he is moving. He is wandering aimlessly.

Will he find his way back with the group or is he going to be lost forever?

We don’t lose anyone forever in this show. He will turn up at some point dead or alive. Father Gabriel is stuck in the dilemna of dealing with walkers or dealing with people who seemed to have lost their mind. From Father Gabriel’s point of view, these people are crazies.

Father Gabriel locked himself in the church and didn’t let anyone in to stay safe. People begged to get in and even wrote on his church walls that he will burn in hell for leaving them out there, but he kept them all out. When he finally let people into the church, he had to deal with a whole new beast.

He has to deal with the Hunters and Rick’s group. Bob was dropped off in front of the church with his leg cut off. The Hunters broke into the church and were looking to kill everyone. Then the Hunters were brutally slaughtered inside of his church. That is a lot of madness happening in front of Father Gabriel. I wouldn’t be able to trust anyone either.

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