Will Father Gabriel Put The Church Survivors At Risk?


The midseason finale for The Walking Dead’s fifth season is Sunday, and there are a ton of questions that are left answered.  While a lot of the attention is focused on the group attacking Grady Memorial Hospital, there were some scenes from the trailers that lead us to believe that other survivors aren’t safe either.

The group at the church could be in serious danger after Father Gabriel slipped out of the church through the crawlspace under the floorboards without them noticing.  Normally, that wouldn’t be much of an issue, but Father Gabriel can’t protect himself very well when he’s alone and the group was fortifying the church against invaders when he slipped out.

Gabriel put himself in a strange situation in the The Walking Dead’s midseason finale preview video.  Here is the video again in case you missed it:

It’s curious why Father Gabriel would want to go check out the site where he knew Gareth and The Hunters had cooked and ate Bob’s leg.  Gabriel doesn’t seem like the type of guy that would want to check out what happened there and see the aftermath of the meal.

Even worse are all the walkers trapped inside the building with glass doors near him.  At the end of the video, we can see the glass begin to crack, making us assume that the walkers will most likely not be contained for much longer.  If that glass breaks, Father Gabriel could possibly bring a large herd of walkers back to the church when he returns, putting everyone in danger.

Do you think Gabriel will accidentally put the group at risk on Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead?  Or will he even return to the church?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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