The Walking Dead Midseason Alternate Ending: Rick Was Going To Kill Dawn


The Walking Dead aired their intense and heartbreaking midseason finale episode on Sunday night, and more details about what might have happened are emerging. 

When The Walking Dead aired its midseason finale on Sunday, there was a lot of heartbreak to spare as the death of Beth is still rocking fans who didn’t see it coming.

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One of the most cathartic moments of the episode saw Daryl killing Dawn, immediately avenging the death of Beth but there are some who wonder if Dawn was going to meet her end no matter what. The short answer is yes, as one way or another Dawn was going to die for murdering Beth in cold blood.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, producer Scott Gimple confirmed that an alternate ending to the midseason finale could have included Rick killing Dawn if Daryl had somehow not pulled the trigger. To be clear, Gimple states there was no way Daryl wasn’t going to be the one to kill her though.

"As far as killing Dawn goes, there’s nothing in Daryl that could have stopped himself from doing that. And if he hadn’t done it, I believe Rick would have done it. This is an event that shapes who Daryl will be moving forward."

Daryl was extremely connected with Beth, as their relationship grew in season four into what it was when Beth was killed right in front of him. It effected Daryl off-screen too, as Norman Reeds stated he cried like a baby after filming the episode. There was only one person who deserved to kill Beth, but it’s nice to know she was going to die no matter what.

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