Look Out For Glenn in Back 8 Episodes of Walking Dead


Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) did an interview for Entertainment Weekly a couple of days ago and shared a little nugget for us for the final eight episodes of Season 5. He has prepared us for the performance from actor Steven Yeun (Glenn) during the final eight.

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Here is what Andrew shared with Entertainment Weekly:

"You watch out for Steven Yeun in this back eight. You watch out for this young man. I think he’s a rare talent, amongst other people."

Glenn has a very interesting story line building up. His wife, Maggie, has just dealt with some awful situation with her family. Both her father (Hershel) and sister (Beth) have been killed. Both of these events have  happened within a few weeks in the Walking Dead time span.

How will Maggie react to the situation? Will all of this madness of this world break her? Glenn will have to handle his wife and the rollercoaster of emotions that she will be going through. How will their relationship work in the back half?

Aside from Maggie,the group has added a couple of new members on with the addition of Noah and Father Gabriel. I am not sure if either of them can defend themselves against walkers. Add Eugene to the list of people that can’t defend themselves and the group has a few people that need a little more help from the others. For all the members that can handle their own, like Glenn, they will be asked to do a little more to keep everyone safe.

If you read the comic series, then you all will be wondering which parts of Glenn they will bring to this television series. There is a lot of things they could bring out.

Let’s see what Steven does playing the role of Glenn in the back half of the season. I will be prepared for greatness from him and the rest of the characters on the show. Too bad we all have to wait till February to see it play out.

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