The Walking Dead Spoilers: Beth’s Death ‘Might Break’ Maggie In Season 5


The Walking Dead killed off a major character in the midseason finale, and the effects of that may end up breaking another major character on the show. 

When The Walking Dead kills off characters, it usually has an effect on the others but one that eventually wears off a bit. But the shocking death in the midseason finale for Season 5 may end up having much more adverse effects moving forward.

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The decision to kill off Beth had been planned since the fourth season of the show, which goes to show just how thought out the fallout from her death is. According to producer Scott Gimple, the death of Beth is going to ‘unlock’ Maggie in the second half of the fifth season, but it might also break her.

"Maggie’s reaction to Beth, in general, is very much explored by how devastating this was to her. It unlocks her. … This is something that Maggie is going to have to deal with and something that might just break her."

Maggie is already a fragile character on the show, and the death of both her father and now her sister is something that is going to push her out onto the ledge — and possibly off it.

She has Glenn to try and keep her centered, but he can only do so much. There have been rumors of a suicide plot line for Maggie, where she becomes suicidal and depressed, and that may be where we are headed. This may be something that unlocks a power in Maggie too, which turns her into the strong leader that she is already becoming and Beth was looking like she could become as well.

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