Walking Dead Star Emily Kinney Releases Music Video


Actor Emily Kinney may not be a part of The Walking Dead any longer after her character Beth Greene was killed in the mid-season finale, but she has plenty of other opportunities that she has opened up during her stint on the show. She has some free time opened up now and that can give her more time to work on her career in music. Kinney had already been releasing music during the show, but she recently released a new music video for one of her tracks and it can be viewed on Entertainment Weekly.

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The song is called Rockstar and the video features Kinney in a MTV shirt and dancing with some friends. She even mentions the Walking Dead in her song.

In my opinion, the video is corny and the song wasn’t my taste of music. That is just my own opinion on the track, but she has a lot of fans and they will follow her singing career. They may not even like the music, but if she is doing it they will follow along.

Some of fer fans are even hoping for her to make a return to the Walking Dead. People have started a petition to bring her back and it has a ton of people backing it. That seems like an impossible task since she was shot in the head.

Other than singing, Kinney has also found herself in the fashion world getting work as a model. She has signed on as the new face of Nikki Rich’s Spring 2015 collection. She may not be part of the Walking Dead any longer, but she is finding a way to get her face out there for her fans to see.

Here are some images from her modeling gig:

She likely will find a new role on television somewhere. She did catch a role on “The Following” earlier this year and could find more potential opportunities down the line.

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