The Walking Dead Inspired Pastry Treats Look Delicious (Photos)


The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television, which is why it’s no surprise that fans go above and beyond to show their insane dedication to the series. 

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Fans of The Walking Dead tend to share their love of the series in strange ways, such as dressing up when it’s not Halloween or putting together their own aquarium of walkers.

The idea of eating something inspired by a show which involves eating flesh, brains and — on special occasions — barbecued human legs, isn’t all that appealing. But leave it to the talented and creative fans of the series to figure out a way to make The Walking Dead not only less gross around the dinner table but actually quite tasty as well.

Some fans across the country and the globe have turned their fandom for the show into creative was to bake some pastries that look way tasty and nothing like the gross brains eaten on the show — or any other zombie show or movie.

Check out these tasty pastries that will make the idea of eating something inspired by The Walking Dead seem way less gross than it has to be.

It takes a creative and innovative show like The Walking Dead to inspire fans to do this, which serves as further confirmation of how awesome fans of The Walking Dead continue to be.

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