Is California The Right Setting For Cobalt?


The Walking Dead has made it’s rural setting as much a character on the show as the main cast, so is California the right setting for it’s companion series? 

There has been a lot said about The Walking Dead spinoff companion series ‘Cobalt’ so far, even if we’re just learning tidbits about what the show will entail. But one thing we can confirm is that the show will be shooting in California, which means we have the identity of the new series set in place, but is it the right one?

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One thing that fans love about The Walking Dead is the location of the show. The Walking Dead has a gritty, earthy feel that is very much indicative of the rural location for the series. It’s very backwoodsy, and that survivalist tone is set right in with the dirty setting of a warped camping trip that the show has.

So is Cobalt being shot in California good for that series and the right location?

Setting Cobalt in California has the chance to be very cool, but it also has the chance to get cliche. While California is beautiful to juxtapose against the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, we don’t want to drift too far into the cliche zombie movie setting of a largely populated suburban area — like a mall — being infested with zombies which traps a handful of buff and beautiful people inside.

We’ve seen that already in Dawn of the Dead, we don’t need to see it again.

Frankly, it’s too early have an informed opinion on Cobalt’s setting, only a knee-jerk one. That knee-jerk reaction says that California could be the perfect setting for the show, as it’s so far so good on The Walking Dead’s companion series.

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