The Walking Dead Cobalt: Getting To Know Kim Dickens

It was announced today that Kim Dickens was cast as former guidance counselor Nancy Tompkins in The Walking Dead’s companion series, currently called Cobalt.  Since I was not familiar with the name, I did a little research and found that she should be a more than capable actress to have in the world of the undead.

Kim Dickens was born June 18th of 1965 in Huntsville, Alabama.  She got her start in acting during a student production of “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” at Vanderbilt University.  She was also into athletics there, being a part of the varsity softball and tennis teams.  She graduated from Vanderbilt with a bachelor’s degree in Communications before attending the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where she studied acting.

Since then, she has worked hard to get her acting career going.  Her first listed acting gig on IMDB is as “Russell’s Girlfriend” on the show Palookaville.  Since then, her acting resume is very impressive.  She has been a part of many hit television shows and movies.  Here is a quick rundown of the most notable of the shows and movies that she was on:

  • Gone Girl (movie) 2014
  • Sons of Anarchy (TV) 2013-2014
  • Treme (TV) 2010-2013
  • Footloose (movie) 2011
  • Friday Night Lights (TV) 2008-2009
  • The Blind Side (movie) 2009
  • Lost (TV) 2006-2009
  • Numb3rs (TV) 2006
  • Deadwood (TV) 2004-2006

That is an impressive list of programs to have been worked on.  Sadly, that is also a lot of shows and movies that I have never seen.  But judging by the popularity of those shows and their rabid fan following, it’s easy to see why Kim Dickens would be a fit for The Walking Dead.

The executive producer of Cobalt should also be very familiar with her work.  Dave Erickson was a consulting producer and co-executive producer for Sons of Anarchy before being tapped for The Walking Dead’s companion project.  Casting for the role was a long process that saw many actresses trying for the part, but in the end it was a familiar face that ended up getting the role.

Considering her impressive history and familiarity with the executive producer of the show, The Walking Dead might have another star on their hands in Kim Dickens.  With her casting, Cobalt became an even more interesting project in the world of The Walking Dead.