The Walking Dead Spoilers: Maggie Will Get ‘Dark’ In Final Episodes


The Walking Dead is slated to air it’s final eight episodes of Season 5 in February, and it appears Maggie is not going to have an easy go of things. 

When The Walking Dead returns for its final eight episodes of Season 5, it’s generally assumed that the heartbreak and sorrow from the midseason finale won’t be going away. A time jump is expected and the quest for the Alexandria Safe-Zone will more than likely drive the plot, but it’s the well being of the characters that fans truly care about.

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One of the mot historically unstable characters on the show is Maggie, and it appears she’s going to have a rough go of things in the final half of Season 5. Nothing has been too heavily rumored in terms of her possible death, but she’s a character that is currently hanging in the balance between making it out alive and ending up another teardrop tattoo on the face of the show.

In a preview of the last half of season five, it is revealed that Maggie is going to get ‘dark’ and that she’s going to be dealing sadness as the final episodes air.

There has been speculation that Maggie will have a suicide storyline in the last half of the season, as that’s what happened in the comics. Before the midseason finale, it seemed a little unlikely that Maggie’s suicide storyline would make its way into the series. But with the death of her sister Beth, Maggie falling into a deep and possibly suicidal depression is now more possible than it has ever been.

Of course, there are other ways to get dark on the show, but when suicide is the lightest shade of dark you can achieve, you know things are going to get wickedly harsh in a wild devastating way.

The Walking Dead returns on February 8, 2015.

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