Will The Walking Dead Spinoff Series ‘Cobalt’ Get a Comic Book Companion?


The Walking Dead is getting a companion series from AMC with ‘Cobalt’, but will that series also get a companion itself in the form of a comic book series?

One of the reasons The Walking Dead is so popular stems back to the fact that there was an already established fan base when the series kicked off thanks to the long running comic book series. It took a while for new viewers to realize the The Walking Dead was a comic book before a television series, but now the two mediums almost go hand-in-hand when it comes to the creation of new episodes.

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The popularity of The Walking Dead in comic book form lead to the television show and the popularity of the television show has lead to the creation of another television show. The still officially untitled spinoff series — which is being called ‘Cobalt’ for now — isn’t based off of any comic book source material like The Walking Dead, but that doesn’t mean the cycle of popularity could come full circle with a comic book adaptation of the show.

It’s very possible a comic book series could accompany Cobalt, as it’s only fitting. The Walking Dead started as a comic book, spun off into a television series that spun off into another television series that could come full circle with a comic book series. There’s no official word that this is happening, but it could be a giant mistake if it does.

The Walking Dead is popular in comic book form because that’s how the entire idea for the story was conceived. Writing a comic book series to accompany Cobalt smacks of commercialism and making a buck off the popularity of The Walking Dead. There’s nothing wrong with a comic book existing, so long as it’s called what it is from the start — a cash in.

Hopefully Cobalt makes a run without a comic book companion, as having no source material means the stories being told are 100 percent organic which is what could make Cobalt unique and stand out on it’s own from The Walking Dead.

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