Should The Walking Dead Spinoff ‘Cobalt’ Have a Comic Book Companion?


The Walking Dead spinoff series Cobalt is heating up, but one question that looms large is should the series have a comic book to accompany it and even correct mistakes?

Cobalt is starting to gain more and more steam with fans as the show fills out its cast and begins to march towards and eventual premiere date in the near future. It’s unclear when the series will be coming to AMC, but the show has a cast, has writers and has direction on where it wants to go.

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One thing the show does not have is source material as, unlike The Walking Dead, Cobalt is not based off a comic book so much as it’s based off another show. The Walking Dead is basically the source material for Cobalt, and with the show existing in the same universe but only barely so, the question of whether or not a comic book is coming has arisen.

The Walking Dead has been so successful thanks to the comic book series it’s based off of, as Robert Kirkman has a way to both correct mistakes he made and bring his story to the masses. That’s something that could be done for Cobalt, as the show needs to have some sort of comic book companion but one that is more than just an adaptation.

Kirkman has already stated how successful the symbiotic circle between The Walking Dead television show and comic book series has been, which means we should probably be on the lookout for some comic book action that works Cobalt into The Walking Dead universe.

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