Will The Walking Dead Comic Storylines Be Used In Cobalt?


The Walking Dead spinoff companion series Cobalt doesn’t have any source material, so could unused storylines from comics be altered and used on the show?

We are just over a month away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, but already fans are starting to pay more attention to the spinoff companion series called Cobalt. Not much is known about the series at this moment, but what we do know is it’s shaping up to look awesome.

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It has been stressed that Cobalt is not a sequel or a prequel to The Walking Dead, rather the show is a companion series that operates in the same universe albeit with unrelated events and characters. Already though, it’s looking like the series could be more connected to The Walking Dead than we all think.

Aside from the rumor that Morales is slated to come back and have a starring role in Cobalt, there is the possibility that the comic books for The Walking Dead could be used to serve as story starters for the new series. Cobalt is going to share the same tone as The Walking Dead, and using storylines or altering story arcs could be a great way to link the two shows without actually linking them in an obvious way.

Of corse, Cobalt needs to exist as it’s own animal, meaning relying too heavily on source material for The Walking Dead could give it too similar a feel to that show. Then again, Cobalt exists in the same universe as it’s counterpart which means using the same source material could give it just the right amount of familiar spice fans are looking for.

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