Who Are ‘The Whisperers’ On The Walking Dead?


Recently, there have been some rumors circulating that The Whisperers will be the next villains on The Walking Dead.  But just who are The Whisperers and how do they survive?

The Whisperers are an interesting group that not a lot is known about.  They were introduced in issue #130 of The Walking Dead’s comic book series and are masters of stealth and disguise.  As of this writing, nothing is known of their origin, but here’s what we do know:


Living in or around the Washington D.C. area, The Whisperers were first shown stalking Marco and Ken, abducting and killing them as well as killing two people in the search party and abducting Dante.  The Whisperers were shown wearing the skin of the walkers in an effort to disguise themselves from the human and make them invisible to the undead.

Later on, they are seen following a search party led by Paul “Jesus” Monroe who are looking for a missing patrolman.  After a while, The Whisperers took the opportunity to jump the party, killing two of them and severely injuring another.  However, Jesus kills one of them and takes another hostage, bringing the abductee to the Hilltop Colony.

The hostage was revealed to be a 16 year old girl named Lydia, who answered all the questions that Jesus asked.  She told him that her group lives among the walkers and do not harm them.  At that point, everyone is told about The Whisperers (or “The Talking Dead” as they are sometimes referred to in the comics).

At this point, we know that The Whisperers are a large group of survivors.  The only named members we know are Joshua and Lydia, but many members of the group could have a much bigger role in both the comic and television universe of The Walking Dead in the future.

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