The Walking Dead Reveals Season 5B Teaser Poster (Photo)


The Walking Dead is just a month away from the midseason premiere of Season 5, and AMC has revealed some key art in the form of a teaser poster.

We are just a month away from the premiere of The Walking Dead’s final eight episodes of the fifth season, but fans are anxious for as much information as they can get ahead of time.

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AMC isn’t spilling the beans on what the last half of Season 5 will be about, but they aren’t going into total blackout mode just yet. To help tide fans over until the new episodes premiere, a first-look teaser poster for The Walking Dead has been revealed and it’s about as tantalizing as it gets for what AMC can tell us.

The poster doesn’t reveal much in the way of spoilers, but it does more than enough to get us all anxious about what is going to transpire in the final eight episodes of the season.

There are rumors abound that one of the main characters on the show will die before the season wraps up, as well as rumors that Rick Grimes is going to turn heel. The latter is what seems to be directly referenced in this teaser poster, as rumors that Rick is going to edge closer and closer to the dark side have fans worried about his future.

The New World will indeed need Rick Grimes, but the question is which version of Rick will the new world get?

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