New Walking Dead Trailer Season 5B: Surviving Together [VIDEO]


The Walking Dead Season 5B trailer “Surviving Together” was just released. Let the hype begin. We are less than a month away. 

A new trailer has been released for Season 5B of The Walking Dead. The trailer has been named “Surviving Together” and you can check it out right here:

Here is the narration that  was given by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) on that promo.

"“Surviving. Surviving together is all that matters. It’s all that matters.” – Rick Grimes"

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What a sweet promo to get us all hyped on the coming season. The biggest mission for the group at this moment is surviving and surviving together.

There seemed to be missing some characters on that trailer. Where was Carl, Father Gabriel and Judith? Were they not available for that shoot or did something happen to them?

The last time that we saw the show, we were left with Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) and her final scene on The Walking Dead. It was an emotional mess!

Rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and crew were walking out of the hospital with Beth in arms when they ran into Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and company. That is where Maggie Greene (Lauren Cohen) loses her mind after seeing her dead sister.

We don’t know where the show will be headed at the moment. The mission to head to DC has been killed after Eugene (Josh McDermitt) revealed that he was lying about the solution this whole time. Abraham and company is back together with Rick and company, but we don’t know what they are going to do now. Will they still head out to DC?

The promo shows that their main objection is to survive. Even Eugene looked like he was ready to protect himself in that promo. Wherever they will be headed, they will be looking to survive and survive together.

The Walking Dead Season 5B is set to start on Sunday, February 8. That is the weekend right after the Super Bowl. Football ends and we will get to see our show make a return. We are almost there.

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