The Walking Dead: How Interested Are Fans In Morgan Jones?


One of the hottest topics on The Walking Dead include Morgan Jones finding the map that Abraham left for Rick Grimes at Father Gabriel’s church near the end of the season 5 midseason finale.  Right now, we don’t know why Morgan decided to leave his living situation or why he was venturing out toward Terminus, but that should be explained in a future episode.

Here’s what a fan on Reddit was thinking The Walking Dead should do with Morgan:

"So Morgan has been following the group, so when they meet up do you think that we might a solo episode focused with just Morgan? (Like with the Governor getting his own episodes, although we already know that Morgan is tracking them)  Just something I thought of and it’d a really cool way to see why Morgan is following the group and maybe it could be another “Clear”."

But that brings up a good question.  Is Morgan a strong enough and interesting enough character to command an episode without the rest of the survivors?

That plan didn’t work so well when The Walking Dead decided to focus entire episodes on Beth Greene or other small groups of survivors instead of the whole group.  However, I do think we will have to find out what forced Morgan to leave his well-defended home that we got to see in “Clear” and why he travelled in the direction he did.

But will fans want to see that story told in an episode without the other survivors?

Personally, I’d love to see this episode.  Hearing why Morgan Jones had to leave his home would be interesting to me, especially if The Whisperers had to do with it.  Previously, Morgan had talked about “people wearing dead people’s faces”, so it is possible that Morgan could be accidentally leading them right to the group.  That would help introduce them if they are to be the villains in the second half of season 5.

Would you be interested in a stand-alone episode featuring what happened to Morgan after the events in “Clear”?  Or would you rather the story be told verbally in an episode featuring all the characters from the show?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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