Andrew Lincoln Wore Fake Beard For Surviving Together Promo


After the filming of The Walking Dead’s fifth season, the stars of the show were seen cleaned up for their time on several red carpets and other promotional events.  It’s quite a difference from seeing the scruffy, dirty actors on the hit AMC television show, but it’s nice to see that the actors were able to get all fancy looking once again.

However, in the recent promotional video titled Surviving Together, Andrew Lincoln is seen with a full beard.  The promo video was filmed after the season was over, so how did they get the scruff of Rick Grimes looking so great?

Here is a photo of Steven Yeun, Andrew Lincoln, and Norman Reedus at the second annual Paleyfest New York Presents: The Walking Dead event in October of 2014:

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The magic of Andrew Lincoln’s beard was explained in a recent Reddit interview that was explained by the folks at WetPaint:

"“To address talk about Lincoln’s beard elsewhere in this thread: It’s a fake beard. The season had just wrapped filming when they shot this and he was already clean-shaven IRL. Glad that no one seems to be sure if it’s real or not! Props as usual to AMC’s makeup team.”"

AMC has always been excellent when it comes to the make up and styling of their actors.  For 5 seasons now, we’ve seen the characters age, change their hair styles and get much more rough for the wear.  But when the promotional video was released, I never once doubted that Andrew Lincoln’s facial hair was his own.  They sure fooled me.

And as for the location of Andrew Lincoln’s facial hair?  You can blame Norman Reedus for taking that hair according to a discussion at Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, Georgia.

"“You know what’s crazy is I have his beard in a ziploc bag in my refrigerator,” said Reedus. “True story.”Lincoln added, “This is for real. He said to me, and he just went, when we had to do this…are we allowed to talk about it?”Nicotero chimed in, “You can’t talk about that.”“Whatever happens…when I died from the show this season,” joked Lincoln. “He says, ‘I want Andy’s DNA.’”"

It’s fun that the stars of The Walking Dead can joke about the status of their characters well being.  But there’s something fun about the concept of Norman Reedus cloning a bunch of Rick Grimes like people to take over the world.  If you were going to have a bunch of one character keeping you safe, Rick is definitely one of the better options on the show.

So, what do you guys think?  Do you miss the beard of Rick Grimes?  Did the fake facial hair fool you as well?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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