Walking Dead Compendium #3 Release Date Announced


Collectors and fans of The Walking Dead’s comic book series are in luck.  The third Compendium of the popular graphics novels have a release date and cover art thanks to Skybound and TheWalkingDead.com.

Containing issues 97 through 144 of the series (Volumes 17-24), The Walking Dead Compendium #3 is sure to be a popular addition to many collectors and first time readers.  Personally, I love that I can hold a large amount of The Walking Dead’s goodness in my hands and know that many of the fantastic stories are at my fingertips.

The cover art for the Compendium looks spectacular as well.  It features some of the best heroes and villains from the time span of the comics on the top.  And, as usual, zombified versions of those characters mirrored on the bottom.

The Walking Dead Compendium Three has a scheduled release in October of 2015, meaning it should be available very close to when AMC’s The Walking Dead will be starting their 6th season.

If you haven’t read the first or second Compendiums, now is a great time to pick those up to catch up.  Both can be found at reasonable prices on many popular online shopping outfits or you can always check out ebay if you don’t mind second hand merchandise.

The Compendiums are especially great if you only own digital copies of the comics or have never had the opportunity to read them in the first place.  It puts a familiar, yet quite different story at your fingertips that most fans of The Walking Dead should enjoy.

I know I’ll be preordering The Walking Dead Compendium #3 for when it is released this October.  Will you?

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