Walking Dead and spin-off series to crossover?


The Walking Dead spin-off could crossover with the Walking Dead in Season 6. A main character from the spin-off could meet up with Rick Grimes and the crew. 

The Walking Dead spin-off Cobalt has been generating a lot of interest lately. The script for the pilot episode was leaked onto the internet and bits of information has been dropped out for all of us to wet our appetites.

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The show is rumored to be a prequel to the Walking Dead. It will take place as the outbreak starts and society is fairly similar to what we see in today’s world. It doesn’t sound like there will be a ton of walkers to start things out on Cobalt.

The show is going to be centered in on a family. It sounds like the family dynamic will feature a couple of divorced parents that are working to bring their two families together while the zombie apocalypse is breaking loose.

The latest rumor has talked about a possible crossover from the Walking Dead original series and the spin-off show. According to Nerdist, we could see a member of the spin-off series during Season 6 of the Walking Dead. That should generate more interest for the spin-off show.

The spin-off would give us more history of this character and we would see how he/she would interact with Rick and the group later down in history. We would be able to see if the person ends up losing their minds after all this time of fighting off walkers.

The pilot episode of the spin-off will be based in Los Angeles, so that will bring the question on how this character will make their way out to the Eastern side of the country. The rumors are everywhere for the spin-pff at the moment. I guess that is what happens when there is a script leak. It is generating buzz.

The Walking Dead original will be kicking back onto the air on February 8 on AMC. They are generating a ton of buzz for that show as well. The trailers are getting dropped left and right and we are all getting hyped for the new season. This is a great time to be a fan of the Walking Dead.

We have almost made it. We just have to get past all the talk of the Super Bowl and their deflated balls and then we all will be focused in on Rick Grimes and the crew. We can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!

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