The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Episode Title Revealed


We are just weeks away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, and the episode title in question has been revealed. 

The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead is just around the corner, and already fans are starting to get more and more information about the new episodes.

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The latest information we’ve learned about the upcoming midseason premiere wasn’t seen in a trailer or a photo — rather it was an announcement of the midseason premiere episode title.

According to AMC, the title of the midseason premiere episode of The Walking Dead is going to be called ‘What Happened and What’s Going On’.

It’s a pretty fitting title when you think about it, as the series is going to likely take a bit of a jump into the future after the midseason finale and there is a lot of uncertainty about the direction the group is going to be taking. From Rick’s decent into possible insanity, to Carl coming of age and both Daryl and Carol dealing with the death of Beth, there is a lot to wonder about moving forward.

Most of all, the question of what is going on with the group is as valid as ever. The death of Beth serves as almost a crossroads of sorts, as this may be the final time we see the types of allegiances that we have seen so far on the show.

No matter what happens, we will start to unravel the puzzle on February 8th when What Happened and What’s Going On premieres on AMC.

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