The Walking Dead Spoilers: Noah To Be Killed Off?


CBS is casting it’s new CSI series and the addition of Tyler James Williams may have spoiled his fate on The Walking Dead. 

The Walking Dead is going to be returning in a few weeks, but one of the major spoilers from the final eight episodes of the season may have been accidentally revealed. No one hacked in and stole the scripts or episode footage, rather an innocent casting announcement by CBS may have ruined the fate of one character we are just getting to know.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, Tyler James Williams — who plays Noah — has been cast in the new CSI: Cyber series on CBS. He has landed a series regular role, which likely means his time on The Walking Dead is going to come to an end soon.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a character had to be killed off to make way for the actor to take work elsewhere and it won’t be the last. The hit FX series Sons of Anarchy had a large story arc planned for Donal Louge’s character of Lee Toric but had to abruptly kill him off so the actor could finish his work on Vikings as well as join the cast of Gotham.

Losing Noah makes sense, in a way, as it will tie up the loose ends from Beth’s death. There was a lot of hope in a potential love story between Beth and Noah but that all ended when Beth was killed in the midseason finale. Noah dying to sacrifice himself for the group is an admirable way for him to go and an ironic way to prove that he has what it takes to roll with Rick and the gang.

It doesn’t mean for sure that Noah is going to get killed off The Walking Dead, but we should probably start saying our goodbyes while we can.

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