Scott Gimple Says To Expect Unusual Carol Peletier Moments


With The Walking Dead’s fifth season set to return from the midseason break, fans are left a bit curious as to what is in store next for the survivors on the hit AMC television show.

In a recent interview with TV Guide Magazine, The Walking Dead’s Scott Gimple gave us a little insight into the last half of the show’s fifth season.  Here is something to look forward concerning the character of Carol Peletier according to Gimple:

"“Some moments are fun and even a little funny,” Gimple said. “I’m not saying that Carol is turning into Zooey Deschanel from ‘New Girl,’ but there are moments of lightness that are still mixed in with some badassery.”"

While zombies, murder and gore are all great, there are times when The Walking Dead needs to take a step away from that and be a little light hearted.  For example, the scene were Tara Chambler found her yo-yo or when Eugene was watching Abraham and Rosita be intimate were great scenes that added to the show by changing a bit of the emotional feel.

However, it sounds like a little humor might not be the only thing in store for Carol’s character according to Scott Gimple.

"“We are going to see some very unusual Carol moments that just fit in with her journey so far.” Gimple said."

Melissa McBride is a fantastic actress that has done beautifully in every scene so far on The Walking Dead, so there’s not much reason to doubt that she will also make her character believable in non-dramatic scenes.

The Walking Dead will return from break on Sunday, February 8th on AMC.  Check your local listings for time and availability.

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