The Walking Dead Season 1: Comic And TV Show Differences


The Walking Dead is one of the most interesting pieces of media in a long time.  Prior to becoming one of the most popular shows on television, The Walking Dead was published as a comic book series from creator Robert Kirkman.

Whenever there are multiple forms of one thing, it leads fans to debate which form of media is the best.  Recently, we’ve seen it with remakes of popular movies or television shows, but what happens something like The Walking Dead takes its source material from itself?

Luckily, there are enough differences between the comic series and the AMC television show that people don’t have to pick.  The graphic novels offer a similar, yet much different take on the events in the world of The Walking Dead, so that both can be enjoyed without completely ruining the other.

For those that have only read the comics or have only watched the show, they don’t know the major differences between the two mediums. And for those that have experienced both, there might be some things that you didn’t notice were differences.

Here is a video from the folks over at CineFix outlining some of the major differences between The Walking Dead’s graphic novels and the hit AMC television show:

After watching the video, I can understand why many of the scenes for AMC’s The Walking Dead were changed and adapted for television.  Being able to extend scenes to enhance the drama or raise the tension is something that the TV show has been able to well while loosely sticking to the comic book story.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer AMC’s The Walking Dead or the graphic novels?  Or are there parts of the comics you would like to have seen used on the show that weren’t?  Discuss it in the comments below.

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