The Walking Dead: S5E09 Spoilers – What Happened And What’s Going On?


The Walking Dead is set to return from their midseason break with season 5 episode 9 (titled “What Happened and What’s Going On”) ONE WEEK from today.  It’s been what seems like forever since we’ve had a new episode of The Walking Dead to look forward to, but now we have some details about some of the things that will happen in the upcoming episode.



Here are a couple things we’ve learned about The Walking Dead’s midseason premiere titled “What Happened And What’s Going On?” thanks to our friends over at The Spoiling Dead Fans on Facebook:

  • The opening of the show is REALLY weird.  Usually, the time before the credits is used to set up a dramatic moment or remind us of something that happened in the past.  Instead, we’ll be treated to what seems to be some psychedelic footage of a tree and a walker in a car.
  • The group will wander the highway in search of sanctuary.  I even hesitate to use the word “sanctuary” after the events at Terminus, but the group wants to be safe.  They find the gated community where Noah’s family is and think that it could be the answer to their problems.
  • Communication becomes essential for the team.  Rick Grimes is now manning a walkie-talkie, just like he did when he was trying to contact Morgan Jones.  Instead of Morgan though, Carol is the one keeping in touch with him on the other end.
  • Walkers seem more dangerous.  In recent episodes, the walkers were seen as mere speed bumps and never really posed a huge threat to even inexperienced survivors like Father Gabriel.  However, the undead seem more vicious when they’re the focus of several scenes during this episode of The Walking Dead, including one big attack!
  • One character goes on a major trip!  Remember that psychedelic footage I was telling you about earlier?  Well, that gets explained when one character has a long and strange hallucination that seems to “go on forever“.

There are also some rumors that Tyreese will be hurt rather badly during this episode, causing him to get helped out of the gated community (Wiltshire Estates) by Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee.  In fact, The Spoiling Dead Fans say that there is a 99.9% chance that the character of Tyreese passes away in the final 8 episodes of The Walking Dead.

While the author of the article from the scans says that the “What Happened And What’s Going On?” episode of The Walking Dead is a bit slower of an episode than others, it is also said that it feels like a good build-up for what is to come in later episodes of the hit AMC show.


I recently discovered from WetPaint that the article those pictures are from originated in US Weekly magazine.

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