What does Glenn Beck Think Of AMC’s The Walking Dead?


Glenn Beck is a man that is known for having very strong opinions.  He’s not afraid to rock the boat when it comes to sharing his views on political issues, even if they might be very unpopular.  When it was reported that Beck had an opinion on AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead, I got nervous that his evaluation of the show wouldn’t be a positive one.

Instead, Glenn Beck’s views regarding the show were actually quite positive according to an article on GlennBeck.com:

"“It’s really good,” Beck said."

Really good!  That’s something you don’t hear too much out of the mouths of political figures.  But why does he enjoy the show?  The article went a bit deeper into the reasoning behind Glenn Beck enjoying the show.

"“So we’re watching that and Pat and I have this conversation about I think there’s something to the psyche of America that knows that we’re in real trouble. And I’m trying to think — wasn’t it the 1950s that the zombie movies were really big?” Glenn said."

I have to admit, when I watch The Walking Dead, I’m not thinking about the psyche of America or the 1950’s.  I just want an interesting story with some drama and maybe a little gore here and there.  However, Glenn Beck might be on to something when looking at the trends in history and our subconscious minds.

"“So in the 1950s look what was happening.” Beck explained. “We were a society that was completely out of control. We were afraid of things we couldn’t stop. The World Wars were over and now we’re in a Cold War and we could be vaporized at any time. So if you look at the entertainment at the time, it was zombies, it was aliens. They were all things that we just could not control. However, at the same time, you had some lighter fare going on.”"

What do you think about Glenn Beck’s take on The Walking Dead?  Do you think the enjoyment that many viewers get from the hit AMC show is because of their desires to escape reality and become interested in something that they can’t control?

Glenn Beck’s interesting reasoning for enjoying The Walking Dead is fun to think about, but in the end it’s great just to find any show that helps brighten our days or make us use our minds.  While The Walking Dead isn’t for everyone, it’s great that the show can appeal to a broad audience and help bring people together.

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