Andrew Lincoln Says Norman Reedus Is Offended By Bad Acting


The Walking Dead is full of many great actors and talented people.  Of that wonderful cast, two of the most recognizable are Andrew Lincoln (who plays Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (portraying Daryl Dixon).  Both of those gentlemen have huge following from the fans and have helped make the hit AMC show what it is today.

But after two actors have worked together long enough, they start to pick up on some of the small things.  Little quirks can become obvious after a while.  And  according to the New York Times, Andrew Lincoln has found a big tell from Norman Reedus:

"“You always know if you’re doing a good scene, because Norman will make eye contact with you,” Lincoln said. “He gets physically offended by bad acting, and won’t look at you!”"

Norman Reedus can’t even look in someone’s eyes if he doesn’t think they’re going a good job?  That’s pretty harsh.  But it is something that I can understand.  Despite joking around whenever he gets the opportunity, Reedus is a serious actor.  And that’s something that Andrew Lincoln really respects about him.

"“He bleeds for this show – literally, every season he gets hurt. He’s a fascinating man and he’s become a dear friend to us,” Lincoln added."

There are many fascinating actors on the show.  They way they all come together and the quirks that they have are what makes the show fun.  Whether it is Andrew Lincoln pinching the bridge of his nose, Jon Bernthal rubbing his head or Norman Reedus not being able to keep eye contact, The Walking Dead gives hardcore fans many little things to look for.

But I do feel bad for the actors that will look back and see that Norman Reedus couldn’t look them in the eye.  That would hurt a little.

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