Today Show Host Shoots Daryl Dixon’s Crossbow (Video)


The Today Show paid a visit to the set of The Walking Dead and Natalie Morales tried her hand at shooting Daryl Dixon’s famous crossbow.

We are just days away from the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, and folks are getting really excited for that return. Proof of this is seen in the fact that The Today Show dedicated a segment to visiting the set of the series.

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That’s all the proof you need that The Walking Dead is a full-on pop culture phenomenon and the series is something more than just comic book fans identify with.

Natalie Morales was the lucky host who got to visit the set and chat with the cast, but that’s not the highlight of her trip. Morales was shown Daryl Dixon’s famous crossbow and was even given a chance to shoot it — which created a weird double wet dream for fans everywhere.

Morales and the Today Show visiting The Walking Dead proves how mainstream the show has become and what a massive success it is. There’s no denying it’s appeal, and five seasons into things the show is hitting it’s absolute peak in popularity.

The Walking Dead draws tens of millions of viewers a week and the exposure like the Today Show visiting the set not only opens it up to more viewers but confirms just how gargantuan the series is right now.

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